Case Study: La Redoute Achieves Near-Perfect Inbox Placement with New Email Approach

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A multi-specialist in ready-to-wear apparel and home decor, La Redoute is the second largest seller of women’s clothing and the third largest seller of home ware in France. Laredoute.fr is the top-ranked shopping site for clothing and home décor in France, with an average of 7 million unique visitors per month.

As a high-volume sender, the brand faced a number of challenges when they first engaged Return Path’s email experts: they lacked control over their sender reputation, their email programs generated high levels of complaints and they had a significant number of inactive subscribers.

A full deliverability audit by Return Path’s Professional Services email experts highlighted the cause of those challenges and helped La Redoute put together an action plan to proactively tackle these issues and prioritize the implementation of corrective measures, with great result!

After implementing the recommendations formulated as part of the deliverability audit, La Redoute was soon able to measure a dramatic increase in its inbox placement rate, – from 71% to 96% in less than six months – earning Return Path Certification after only a few months and joining the largest network of trusted senders in the world in the process.

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