Case Study: Focusing on Subscriber Preferences Can Increase Open Rates by 30%

When a company’s business model uses email exclusively for transactional purposes, it can be easy to dismiss response metrics, since the message is triggered based on specific subscriber behavior and is often assumed to be wanted mail. Well, the sender assumes the subscriber wants it. But is a triggered, transactional email really what the subscriber wants?

We asked this very question recently when working with DG International, the owner/operator of a popular adult dating website. Beginning with the point of subscribe, we analyzed DG International’s transactional email program, identifying areas of vulnerability, and making recommendations for introducing change into the program – and choice for subscribers. While offering choices or preferences is very common with traditional ROI-based email programs, we see it very rarely with transactional programs. However, DG International was very open to the feedback, and implemented this new, somewhat radical idea. The results were immediate – and astounding! Read the full case study today.

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