Call for M3AAWG Mary Litynski Award Nominations

Every year the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) gives out a lifetime achievement award to honor the memory of Mary Litynski, whose steadfast support helped make M3AAWG the successful organization that it is today. The award recognizes people who have contributed significantly to making the Internet safer for all. Recognized work can be academic research, significant contributions to fighting spam and bots, or any other type of anti-abuse activity for online communications.

I’m very proud to be the co-chair of the committee that bestows this award each year, and I urge you to nominate a worthy recipient. The deadline for is January 15, so get cracking!

Here are the specific criteria nominees must meet:

  • The nominated person has made a significant contribution to reducing spam, fighting bots or malware, or safeguarding other aspects of online messaging over a significant period.
  • The person's work can be related to messaging on any platform, including mobile devices and social networks.
  • The person's work can be related to a particular country or it can be global in scope.
  • The nominated body of work can be technical, related to public policy, or be educational in nature. In the final analysis, end-users should be safer as a result of the endeavors.
  • The recognized work contributes to building and maintaining a trusted environment for online messaging. 

To nominate someone, fill out the form on this page. The winner will be announced at the February 2014 M3AAWG meeting in San Francisco.

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