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Building Brand Loyalty with Quality Data and Email

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In our “How to Nurture Your Loyalty Landscape” webinar, Adam Purslow, CEO at TheLoyaltyCo., and Elliot Hogg, Senior Solutions Consultant at Validity, discussed the current loyalty landscape and how brands build loyal subscribers.

We kicked things off with the latest stats on consumers’ relationship with email today.

Email acquisition drivers. The DMA’s Consumer Email Tracker 2021 (sponsored by Validity) shows email is still consumers’ preferred marketing channel (over 70%). It’s a highly trusted channel, which is crucial because consumer trust needs to exist before brand loyalty can be built. While receiving discounts and offers is a top motivator for signing up, joining a loyalty programme is another.

There’s a real overlap between loyalty and email marketing success. Loyalty is driven by practical factors such as function, financial benefit, and customer service, but also by softer attributes like compassion and brand charisma.

Relevance is key. Adam believes good loyalty schemes are relevant and tailored to subscribers. Quality data is crucial, and impactful when used well! It’s been a very difficult year for the hospitality industry. He has seen first-hand how loyalty schemes have helped keep many restaurants afloat. In Adam’s own words:

“Relevance and loyalty are two sides of the same coin, understanding the importance of human touches. Smart use of data and technology plays a vital role in achieving this. Piccolinos knows I love Sea Bass for my dinner (and that I like 6 sugars with my coffee!). Most importantly, they use these insights to enhance my visits, meaning it’s a no-brainer when it comes to guaranteeing my loyalty!”

Adam named Hilton Hotels, Sky, British Airways, and American Express as brands that lead in the loyalty landscape – and we were delighted to see so many Validity customers in his list! Driving customer loyalty through email requires great email deliverability and engagement. Elliot discussed how brands can stand out by using tactics like Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) and Validity’s View-Time Optimization (VTO).

Loyal subscribers are great brand advocates. For more incredible insights and tips to maximise your subscriber loyalty, check out the full webinar below:



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