Build your house file efficiently

Every marketer wants a large, robust email house file — and despite all the hype and myth in the marketplace, there are basically four ways to get there: reactivation (ECOA and list hygiene), append, paid acquisition and organic growth. Take a holistic view of your email program by considering all of these — and aim not just for high counts, but high quality.

For example, reconnecting with lost customers on your file through ECOA and list hygiene will reactivate subscribers you’ve already paid to acquire through other means. These subscribers may already be customers who maybe just changed their email address (40% will do so this year) or their address was entered incorrectly. Optimize your response rates by re-connecting using messages that acknowledge their customer status — they will respond at higher rates and boost your ROI. Similarly, appended records can be valuable when your invitation recognizes any existing relationships or past purchase.

Whenever using reactivation services from Return Path or any partner, be sure to understand the elements of your “match rate” – the number of records on your file which can be updated. Be sure you understand what portion of the “match” is coming from which source, as ECOA, append and hygiene records may have very different value to you.

While you mine your existing file for the best results, be sure to capture new subscribers efficiently. Use paid and organic acquisition methods like email list rental, online advertising, search and website capture optimization in combination to get the highest list growth of new subscribers. Always send them a welcome message that confirms their subscription, sets expectations and gets them started taking advantage of your offers.

Want more best practices for each of these methods? Just click here for our checklist. Or, contact your account manager or me for a custom assessment of your list growth opportunity.

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