BriteVerify integration with AWeber helps increase customers ROIs

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by Rozina Hussain, Product Manager

If you orbit any marketing spheres, you may have already stumbled on the fact that Email marketing remains the best channel for getting a great return on investment year after year. With a median ROI of 122%, email is proving to be more effective for marketing to consumers than social media and paid search. So you’re likely busy strategizing ways to boost your email marketing strategy with tantalizing subject lines, eye-popping creative, and best offers on earth that promote your business and connect with your audience. But before you start boosting your email marketing budget, or even benchmark goals around key metrics such as emails sent, opened, clicked, or unsubscribed which tell one story, consider another performance barometer – deliverability. After all, you can’t be successful at email marketing unless the emails are reaching your audience. You’re thinking you’re shouting into a metaphorical megaphone in a stadium full of captive audience but in reality, your emails land in spam folders or worse still goes missing, likely blocked from being delivered altogether.

The latest integration offered by BriteVerify should help keep your bounce rate low and deliverability rate high by validating emails before you send. Never send undeliverable emails with BriteVerify’s One-step Data Onboarding with AWeber by instantly and safely onboarding new, verified lists into AWeber right from the BriteVerify app. And with the ability to remove risky and inactive emails, you’ll be certain that the emails you send make it to the Inbox.

Here are a few benefits of utilizing this integration:

Reduce Bounce Rate:

You can actually track this benefit in numbers by reviewing the “before/after” of key metrics like inboxing rates and hard bounce rates to see how it translates into better campaign performance. Since these rates are primarily used to prioritize your sent emails in the inbox, their importance has steadily gained momentum over the years.

Better Engagement:

One of the major ways to improve the ROI of your campaigns is to make sure you’re only reaching out to customers who want to hear from you, that is they are engaged with the recently sent emails. Why waste time and money sending an email that will remain unopened? That’s where list hygiene ties into engagement.

Role accounts such as marketing, news, sales, etc. that are hardly utilized for any meaningful interaction since the individuals tied to these addresses are part of a distribution list. The recipient list evolves over time as people are promoted, re-organized, fired, or leave a company. So overtime most of the people you send to via a role account have never even signed up for your messages, let alone engaged with the content of the messages. As a result, once these emails start accumulating in your list, they can start to negatively impact the sender reputation since email providers can monitor the lack of relationship with these accounts.

Risky emails with addresses that may not even have a real human behind them anymore or temporary emails with short shelf life all contribute to poor engagement. So while it’s worthwhile to take a closer look at your lists and finding opportunities to reach out to customers who are still mailable but no longer engaged, it is also a good idea to remove them periodically before they negatively impact your future campaign(s). This is a perfect example of when “less is more” and you can easily remove these emails from your existing AWeber lists before the next campaign.

Ease of Use:

The integration provides AWeber’s customers with a simple email hygiene solution through BriteVerify’s email verification technology. AWeber customers can verify any existing email list using BriteVerify at the click of a button. Simply visit the BriteVerify app on AWeber Apps to get started. Or follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you are signed up with both an AWeber and a BriteVerify account
  2. Sign into your BriteVerify account and verify your list, selecting AWeber as the import option.
  3. Click “Begin Verification” on the list you want to verify.

That’s it! For more detailed information, check out the BriteVerify support article.

Lastly, for those marketers looking to verify emails on their sites or webforms, the BriteVerify webservice API can provide real-time verification and to help you stop invalid email addresses and fraudulent submissions from ever reaching your database, resulting in a better customer experience.

To get started with safe, secure and efficient email data verification and maintenance, AWeber customers may click here for their discount with BriteVerify.



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