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by Rozina Hussain, Product Manager

A New Look & Multi-User Accounts

Today we’re sharing about two exciting upgrades to the BriteVerify platform!

The first is a fresh new look to our application. The second is the ability to add multiple users to the same account – a feature our clients have been requesting.

1) A Fresh New Look

You may have already noticed that our platform’s look has leveled up. We’ve worked hard to conduct a compelling visual overhaul while keeping all core functionality the same. We hope your experience feels both fresh and familiar: behind the new visual interface and left-hand navigation, everything works just as you remember it.

If we’ve done our job right, our new look shouldn’t require much explanation. We look forward to your feedback once you experience it for yourself!

2) Multi-User Accounts

BriteVerify now offers users the option to add multiple teammates to a single account.

Previously, each BriteVerify account could only accommodate a single user. If an additional teammate within an organization wanted to use BriteVerify, they could 1) create a new, separate account or 2) share credentials within the organization.

Now, BriteVerify offers a third choice: add teammates to an existing account.

Organizations don’t have to select this option. But we’re excited to bring new value to those that do.

Why did BriteVerify add the multi-user account option?

The benefits of multi-user accounts include:

1. Pricing Clarity

BriteVerify offers volume discounts once verifications top 250,000 addresses. We apply these on an organization-wide basis. For example, if your organization has ten different accounts verifying 25,000 addresses each, we count the total as 250,000 and make sure your organization gets the volume discount automatically.

Until now, however, there hasn’t been an easy way for users to know their organization’s overall usage until the end of the month. A single user who verifies 25,000 addresses might not realize they are receiving the volume discount. Having all users under one account lets teammates see the complete picture and know the true price of their next verification.

2. Account Efficiency

Creating a new account means starting from scratch. Users must re-enter company and billing information that another account may have already provided.

Multi-user accounts speed up the onboarding process. The original account owner invites a teammate, who only needs to enter personal credentials. Then, they’re ready to go.

Having one account also streamlines invoicing and billing, since those functions only need to happen for one account on an organizational level.

3. Team Transparency

When all users share one account, they know exactly when each of their email lists were last verified. There is no need for extra communication about what has or hasn’t been done. Multi-user accounts reduce redundancy with increased transparency.

4. Easier Training and Transitions

A new employee may want to join an existing BriteVerify account to learn how it works. A user moving to a new role may need to train their replacement on BriteVerify to ensure a seamless transition.  Allowing multiple users on the same account makes it easier to coordinate these kinds of efforts.

How do multi-user accounts work?

There are now two types of BriteVerify users: Collaborators and Administrators.

Collaborators have full access to all standard BriteVerify functions for their account. This includes the ability to:

  • Verify lists.
  • Monitor usage.
  • Verify a single email using the real-time API tab.

Basically, these team members can conduct all BriteVerify business, excluding administrative tasks.

Administrators have all the privileges of Collaborators, plus the ability to:

  • Invite new Collaborators into the account.
  • Remove Collaborators from the account.
  • Promote Collaborators to an Administrator role.
  • Access and edit billing details.

Upon sign-up, the original user is assigned as the Administrator.

How do Administrators invite team members into an account?

The process is simple:

  • An Administrator enters the invitee’s email address.
  • The invitee receives an email invitation.
  • The invitee clicks the invitation link and provides user information.
  • The invitee is now a Collaborator with access to the account.

Since the account is already established, there is no need for the added Collaborator to provide billing information.

Can we still keep separate accounts?

Yes. If your organization likes things the way they are, you don’t have to change a thing. Users can invite others to join their account – but they don’t have to.

BriteVerify will continue to support the option to have multiple accounts within an organization. We recognize that for some organizations, separate accounts make more sense.

Can we have multiple accounts with multiple users?

Yes. In fact, your organization can have any combination of single- and multi-user accounts.

Since there is never any charge for creating an additional account of any kind, you can create the account structure that works for you.

How do I decide which type of account structure is right for me?

BriteVerify empowers each client to decide who can access accounts and the data they contain.

Since Collaborators have access to all of your data and Administrators have additional powers (including the ability to edit billing information), we recommend thinking carefully before assigning these roles.

Consider A Multi-User Account If:

  • You are comfortable sharing data with others in your organization.
  • You believe the benefits of transparency and efficiency are applicable to your organization.

Consider Separate Accounts With No Added Collaborators If:

  • You are not comfortable sharing data with others in your organization.
  • You do not need to coordinate your email validation efforts with others in your organization.
  • Your security concerns outweigh the potential benefits of transparency and efficiency.

. . .

We’re happy to answer all of your questions about multi-user accounts and all other BriteVerify topics. You can contact us here.



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