Break out of Bad Email [New Game and Guide]

Stuck with poor email performance and can’t find the way out?

Think of solving this problem like an escape room game. At first, it seems like you are locked in a room with no idea how to get out. But if you look around, there are clues available that will help you escape the trap you are in.

To aid in your escape from poor email performance we have created a new guide—The Great Email EscapeIn this guide, we discuss how to break out of bad email by optimizing your program for success and uncovering the elements you need in place to make that happen, including to ability to:

  • Define your objectives and potential challenges.
  • Leverage your team to create a strategy.
  • Take advantage of your resources.
  • Learn from the struggles of others.

If your own email program isn’t enough of a challenge, we have also created a digital email escape room. Test your email knowledge and see if you have what it takes to escape.

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