Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which Email Campaigns are Most Engaging?

Last Friday, I compared the frequency of campaigns with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” in the subject lines for a variety of verticals during the last week of November and the first week of December. Now let’s look at how these campaigns performed.

Just like last week, we’re looking at campaigns that have “Black Friday” in the subject line during the week of November 24th against campaigns that include “Cyber Monday” in the subject line during the week of December 1st.

For reference, here is the frequency breakdown of the campaigns.


For many senders that had campaigns with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” in the subject lines, the read rate was not much different between the two types of campaigns. However, we can see some interesting trends for some specific verticals:
– Cyber Monday campaigns for the Hotel industry performed very well compared to the vertical’s Black Friday campaigns. The read rate for Cyber Monday was 100% greater than the read rate for Black Friday campaigns. As I mentioned before, the Cyber Monday holiday is likely a better fit for senders in this space.

– Senders in the Home Improvement Vertical had one of the highest percentage of campaigns that contained “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” but the engagement rate for Cyber Monday was much higher than Black Friday for these senders.

– The Furniture vertical had the largest percentage of campaigns that contained “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday,” but only saw a slightly higher read rate for Cyber Monday campaigns.

– The campaigns in the Apparel Vertical for Cyber Monday were a smaller percentage of overall campaigns than Black Friday, but these Cyber Monday campaigns saw a read rate 20% higher than campaigns focused on Black Friday.

– The Entertainment industry’s focus on Black Friday paid off with higher engagement for these campaigns.

– The Daily Deal space had a small percentage of campaigns that contained the terms “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” with Black Friday campaigns earning higher engagement.




As we can see from these metrics, no vertical is alike (nor is any sender). While these are interesting benchmarks, it becomes much more interesting when you can dive into the sending patterns and results of specific senders using a tool like Inbox Insight. Do you know what email campaigns areĀ  working for your competition? Would you like to see the read rates for specific senders and specific campaigns? Check out Return Path’s Inbox Insight product to learn how you can leverage the power of email competitive intelligence.


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