#BeyondDMARC: A Sneak Peek into Return Path's Email Threat Intelligence

As email authentication standards get more sophisticated, cybercriminals are finding creative ways to spoof brands and deliver fraudulent emails to end-customers.

DMARC (Domain-based Authentication Reporting & Conformance) is the best defense organizations have to fight attacks spoofing sending domains under a brand’s control. But unfortunately, DMARC isn’t a total solution to consumer email fraud, protecting your brand from only 30% of email-borne attacks.

Last week, Return Path’s Senior Product Manager Ash Valeski and Strategic Project Manager Matt Moorehead joined me to talk about how Return Path’s Email Threat Intelligence solution identifies threats beyond DMARC, and what key tactics cybercriminals are using to evade email authentication.

Check out the full recording of “How Cybercriminals Cheat Email Authentication” to learn about our findings and to get a sneak peek into Return Path’s portal.



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