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Contrary to popular belief, when Mailbox Providers fight spam and abuse they aren’t rolling out of bed every morning brandishing their swords and donning their shields. Although the image is amusing, in my opinion the truth is more exciting.

Every day thousands of spam-sending IP addresses wage attacks on Mailbox Providers with unwanted emails. Although their strongholds are often protected by the latest in spam-fighting technology, there are always the stealthy few spam emails that make it through into user inboxes. It is in these dark moments that Postmasters are forced to make manual decisions around filtering and blocking, which sometimes result in breached inboxes, lost time, and unhappy end-users.

To aid the battle against spam, we launched Inbound Abuse Monitor in February, a new tool for Postmasters. Inbound Abuse Monitor identifies the most problematic or ‘top offending’ IP addresses on a daily basis, displaying pertinent information in a simple user interface. These are IP addresses that have been able to elude current filtering efforts, but are generating an unreasonable amount of complaints from customers. Inbound Abuse Monitor reduces the need for Postmasters to search through massive amounts of data to find these IP addresses, allowing them to quickly obtain the necessary data to make informed decisions around filtering and blocking. Inbound Abuse Monitor allows Postmasters to focus on the spam issues most negatively impacting their customers today.  You can read more about this release in this blog post.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Global View, an extension of Inbound Abuse Monitor that gives Postmasters visibility into how top offending inbound IP addresses are affecting the other Mailbox Providers that participate in Return Path’s Universal Feedback Loop. This increased visibility into the larger email ecosystem arms Mailbox Providers with better context and understanding around these problematic IP addresses and aids in protecting the end-user.

Global View can only be accessed through Return Path’s Postmaster Site and provides further insights that validate the blocking of particular IP addresses. It also helps identify if specific Mailbox Providers are being targeted by specific IP addresses. Global View may not be a sword and shield, but it’s another in-depth way Return Path partners with Mailbox Providers to create a cleaner and safer email ecosystem for all.

Are you a Postmaster or a Mailbox Provider interested in using this tool or connecting with Return Path? If so, look for more information here.

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