Back to Basics: Why Everybody’s NOT An Expert

There is no doubt about it email is a complex channel. Consumers love it but they hate it. Spammers abuse it. ISPs struggle to tame it. Most confusing of all, everybody is an expert and everybody has an opinion. This is especially true in the area of deliverability where every vendor in the industry claims to know how to get your email delivered. This claim usually has little to do with the vendor’s core business. So what does it take to be a deliverability expert? How do you know if you have a deliverability problem? Where do you go to find out what percentage of your email actually gets delivered to the inbox? Not the junk or bulk folder but the inbox, where a relevant and expected message can earn an open, click or conversion.

At Return Path we believe in keeping things simple: delivering value to our customers by focusing on what we know. If there’s one thing we know, it’s deliverability and reputation. We’ve spent the past decade building the technology tools email marketers need to diagnose, monitor, manage and optimize inbox deliverability. This is what we do – and we’ve got 200+ employees who spend 100% of their time focused on helping our clients achieve 100% inbox placement. This is why our clients tend to achieve far better results than the average 20% failure rate. Our total focus on this aspect of email success also means that our clients really appreciate our team and technology – and we’ve got the customer satisfaction numbers to back up this claim. This is why we call ourselves experts.

Want to learn more? Interested in finding out what’s really going on with your deliverability? Worried that your sending reputation isn’t what it should be? Maybe you just want some straight talk and clear answers? You’ll get all of the above by reading our new checklist: Back to Basics. Sign up to get a copy today.

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