Back to Basics: What is the connection between reputation and deliverability?

As we discussed in part 1 and 2 of this series, nothing in email is easy. While many factors contribute to a challenging environment, I think we can all agree that spam is at the center of everything that makes email difficult. If it wasn’t for spammers and their irresponsible practices, email would work better for everyone. Unfortunately there is no “silver bullet” solution to keep spam out and wanted email in. Over time, through a lot of hard work and collaboration, sender reputation has emerged as way to distinguish legitimate businesses from spammers. Today, there are clear metrics that contribute to a good reputation and specific practices that result in a bad reputation. Return Path has even developed a simple way to measure reputation in the form of our Sender Score. Still there is a lot of confusion about reputation and what role it plays in ensuring email deliverability. Muddling the issue even more are the many vendors who oversimplify the issues and challenges – and fail to emphasize the essential relationship between a good reputation and strong inbox delivery rates.

To consistently achieve high deliverability (85% and above) you have to maintain a good reputation by keeping your complaint rate low, properly managing your infrastructure, staying off blacklists, keeping a clean list and respecting subscriber preferences. But how do you monitor your reputation? How do you know if your reputation is good or bad? How frequently do you have to check your reputation? What do you do if you discover a reputation problem?

Return Path has the answers to all of these questions. Our team of experts proactively manage clients’ reputation in real-time so issues are diagnosed before they become deliverability problems which cut into your email ROI. Want to get the facts on reputation metrics? Ready to take charge of your deliverability destiny? Sign up to read our new checklist: Back to Basics today.

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