At Work, or On Call? Thank You.

by J.D. Falk
Director, Internet Standards & Governance

Return Path sincerely thanks all of the abuse and postmaster staff, system and network administrators, security staff, fraud analysts and law enforcement personnel who are at work or on call during this holiday season.

Without your dedication to duty, 2011 — and every year — would start with mail servers overloaded by spam, home computers controlled by malware, everyone’s accounts compromised, identities stolen and bank accounts emptied — in short, real human lives destroyed. The criminals may think everyone’s on vacation and not paying attention, but we know you’re there to keep all of us are safe — or, at least, as safe as we’d be any other day.

May your holidays be boring and uneventful; failing that, may they be just challenging enough to be fun, and no more.

Thank you, and feel free to use the comments section below to share what you’re doing to keep from falling asleep between alerts.

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