Ask LB: Should I be worried about my email deliverability?

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One of the most basic questions asked of us Experts is, “Should I be worried?” This question gets asked at a lot of different moments, and for good reason. Maybe there’s been a spike in complaints, or a drop in deliverability, or another troubling change in the metrics that matter most to your email deliverability.

If you’re reading this, you know how important email deliverability is, and so it’s only natural your first reaction to any change is to panic. But your reaction should be based on a set of factors only you can decide. How?

Determine your threshold of materiality

What is the benchmark you want to compare change against? This is going to be different for every brand and is heavily dependent on your risk tolerance. Using historical data, look at open rates, click rates, conversion rates, etc., and determine what rate of change you want to consider “material,” or real. For example, some brands might consider a 1% drop in unique open rate a material change, while others might not consider it material unless it’s 5% or greater.

Monitor for material change

If you’re serious about your email deliverability, hopefully you have a tool like ours in place, which allows you to set up alerts based on exactly the things you identified early. If you do, configure your settings to let you know the moment you reach your threshold on things like:

  • Changes in inbox placement with seedlist tests
  • Change in spam trap hits
  • Change in DMARC compliance
  • Blacklist alert
  • Elevated bounce rate

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Once you’ve gotten all your ducks in a row, it’s easier to tell when one has strayed. What should you do if you determine there is something to worry about? Don’t actually worry. Panic can cause you to make goofy choices.

Instead, start by assessing the severity of your problem. You can likely do this by defining the problem in detail, which might kill two birds with one stone—the solution might be clear simply by looking at all the facts laid out before you, plus you’ll have a record of the incident you can reference if it ever happens again.

If you find yourself a little overwhelmed, though, we’re here to help. Our email deliverability and platform Experts are well-versed to help you manage and mitigate issues making you lose sleep. Over time, you’ll start to understand how to triage and recover from these issues yourself, helping you achieve email marketing nirvana.

Let us know if you have questions or want to get in touch with us to help ease your fears over email deliverability, we’re here for you!