Are You Ready for The CCPA? [Upcoming Webinar]

Due to the continued rise of consumer data breaches and growing privacy concerns, there have been massive changes occurring for many countries on privacy regulations. While the United States does not have a country-wide law proposed just yet, California is leading the way with its new law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The CCPA aims to provide consumers with rights over how their data is being used, similar to the GDPR in the EU.  

While great for consumers, this new law places many new restrictions and requirements on businesses in the way they use consumer data—along with harsh penalties for not following the law. To make sure you are prepared for CCPA, join our data privacy experts Margot Romary and Kate Gorrell on Wednesday, February 26th at 12 pm EST, as they cover: 

  • What is the CCPA?
  • What are the requirements for businesses to follow? 
  • How does the CCPA differ from GDPR? 
  • What are the penalties for noncompliance?  
  • And more! 

Can’t make it? Register anyway to receive the recording after the event. 

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