Are Newsletters Right for Everyone?

By: Stephanie Miller
Vice President of Strategic Services

We wrote the book on email newsletters, but does that mean newsletters are the right solution for every business?

No, not necessarily. In fact, for businesses with limited lifecycles, a weekly newsletter may not make sense for your prospects and customers, or your marketing resources. In those cases, an Email Series may make a lot more sense.

Prospects sign up for your Email Series and receive a timed set of consistent messages over a defined period. The classic example of this is parenting sites that do a 40-week Email Series for pregnant women. Another great application is the five weeks to five months that prospects are in-market for a mortgage or new home. Think creatively about your business – perhaps a three week introduction for new B2B customers on the basics of your software? Or, a five week prospecting series to encourage students to sign up for your university course.

What makes this technique a winner is that it is a lower commitment for both your subscribers and your marketing department. Subscribers sign up for a shorter, more specific series rather than commit to receiving “special offers” for the rest of time. You get to create the content once and then use it over and over. Of course, we always recommend that you use your Email Series to cross promote other services and solutions, gaining permission to continue to market to these customers through email.

The basics of Sign Me Up! still apply, of course. You must send what you promise, include valuable content and you must get permission.

Need ideas for making a message series work for your business? Email us – we’d be happy to help you.

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