Are Consumers Turning to the Inbox for a Great Shopping Experience?

At noon on a cold, rainy Saturday my family and I entered the mall through the food court. Five years ago we would have been greeted by a very different scene. Rather than a sea of open tables, we would have had to squeeze past tote-laden shoppers grabbing a quick bite between stores. The mall scene has changed substantially as more and more shoppers turn to online shopping to spruce up their wardrobes, pick up a gift or redecorate a room.

While web traffic has replaced a considerable amount of foot traffic at malls and other brick-and-mortar stores, one thing remains constant: consumers still crave a great shopping experience. Whether shopping with intention or just looking for some retail therapy, consumers still want the excitement and validation of that perfect purchase. They also want variety and a chance to scope out the best deals but many want to be able to do so from their own homes.

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