AOL updating MX’s to Yahoo.

Today AOL announced they will updated their MX records for the majority of AOL-owned domains to utilize a new combined AOL/Yahoo email infrastructure they call “OATH”.
AOL noted on their postmaster blog:

As a first step, starting this week, the majority of AOL’s MX records will point to our new combined servers. This should be transparent to any sender as those servers will operate in simple pass-through mode. This means senders with established FBLs will continue to receive them from our AOL mail infrastructure.


AOL expects there to be a little noticeable impact to delivery on the new OATH infrastructure; however, we recommend you send a couple extra 250ok Inbox tests over the next few weeks to ensure you are in front of any potential delivery issues post-migration.

During the transition, we recommend you continue to escalate issues as you normally would at AOL. Your ESPs deliverability teams should remain involved to assist with your any issues you experience, or contact 250ok’s team should you need external help.

*UPDATED: Feb 8, 2018*

Today AOL’s postmaster team clarified two very important changes that will impact email senders as part of their ongoing migration to the new shared OATH infrastructure

As more domains migrate to the new servers, DMARC reports and FBL reports from AOL will stop being sent from the usual sources and will be sent via the Yahoo FBL and DMARC reporting accounts.

As an email sender you should confirm with your ESP, or your internal IT if you self-host your mail infrastructure, that your IP addresses are properly registered for the Yahoo FBL, or register for this program as soon as you can.

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