AOL Cancels Report Cards

Alex Rubin
By Alex Rubin
Vice President, Business Development

Yesterday the AOL postmaster site announced that they will no longer be sending report cards to people on the AOL feedback loop when their complaint rate crosses a certain threshold (.30%).

We’ve always recommended our clients keep a close eye on their feedback loop data as one way to maximize their deliverability. When complaint rates spike, it’s time to take a deeper look at your messaging campaign and any recent changes that may have negatively impacted complaint rates — policy and practices changes are ultimately the key to reducing complaints and improving deliverability. While the AOL report card system was a certainly a nice-to-have, smart marketers should be well aware of their complaint rates on an on-going basis and not rely on these kinds of alerts.

If you are a Return Path client and you have questions about feedback loops or how to manage the data you get from them, you should contact your Account Manager.

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