After the Holiday Rush: A Missed Opportunity

We heard some shocking news the other day… that more than 60% of marketers decided NOT to email their customers after the holidays. While I appreciate the break from the deluge of emails we’ve all received this season, and I would never encourage marketers to send email messages that don’t have meaning and value for their subscribers, I have to think this is a huge missed opportunity! The survey was conducted by Accucast of 52 their own retailer clients, and found that many marketers will pass on the chance to use email for promotions or thank you’s to customers post-holiday.

The week between Christmas and New Years’ — which also happens to be Hanukkah this year — could be a good opportunity for you – both B2C and B2B. Consider some of these ideas.

  • Adapt messaging to the unique timeframe. This week can be huge for retailers who offer promotions for “treat yourself” or “get what you really wanted.” But it’s also a great time to catch up with folks who normally don’t have time to consider your B2B offers. If they are in fact working, you’ll be more likely to get a quick response.
  • Customize your offers. Mass email advertising rarely pulls a high response at any time of year, but this week in particular try to segment your file by even simple target selects. Consider messaging to prospects vs. customers, best buyers vs. non-holiday shoppers, different product lifecycles, sales potential (lifetime value) and recency of customer.
  • Recognize that the rush is over. Consider slowing the pace of your emails this week. Since many folks are off from work, they may check email less frequently, which increases risk of your message getting flushed in the “select all” and “delete” rush.
  • Tap the “pause” in customer frenzy to grow your list. Reach out to all holiday customers who have not registered for your email newsletter. Thank them for their business and ask if they would like to receive your newsletter and (insert compelling value proposition here). Include a coupon as an incentive. Be sure to encourage pass alongs to friends and family. (NOTE: Be sure to follow federal CAN-SPAM regulations. Although you don’t legally need express permission to send the one-time invitation (do check with your lawyers and follow your own privacy policy), we do not recommend adding of all these customers to your newsletter/promotion file without express permission.)
  • Do not ease up on best practices for deliverability. The volume of email remains high through mid-January. Always check your content before sending for spam filter triggers or HTML errors that affect rendering.
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