Acquire New Customers with Four Fun Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

What are you planning to send your Mom this Mother’s Day? Candy? Flowers?

Excuse me for saying so, but BORING! Now think about how many other people are out there struggling with the same boring ideas. We think this makes Mother’s Day an ideal holiday for a little bit of acquisition magic. People look to email to give them fresh, new ideas. Take advantage of that by putting together an email campaign aimed at acquiring new customers who are looking to be the favorite kid this Mother’s Day.

Be bold: Remember, you are trying to appeal to folks who are tired of sending the same old, same old gifts. Outdoor retailers might try something like “She helped you climb to the top of every mountain. Return the favor with a new pair of hiking boots.” Travel marketers might go with “She brought you into this world – now send her on a trip to see more of it.”

Timing is everything: Plan to send your messages next week, ideally. You want to get ahead of the traditional flowers and candy marketers so you can get to consumers before they give in to a default choice.

Build a campaign over time: Even more ideal is to send a series of messages based on behavior. Target people who open but don’t click on the first message with different types of gifts to see if something else might have appeal for them. For those who click on the first message but don’t buy, send a second message that sweetens the deal with a discount or other offer. Hey, and don’t forget the buyers. Send them a message that gets them thinking about Father’s Day on June 15th.

Get interactive: Consider putting together a questionnaire that helps the reader figure out what type of gift Mom might like. You can put together a quick series of questions and the answers bring people to specialized landing pages. If you have the time and technical resources then a personality-style quiz could be even more fun and very viral.

Need more great ideas for Mother’s Day promotion? Email me – I’d love to brainstorm with you.

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