A Seat at the Table: Matt Blumberg Wins the Mal Dunn Leadership Award

I am so pleased to announce that our very own Matt Blumberg has been awarded the Direct Marketing Club of New York’s Mal Dunn Leadership Award. This award was created to recognize outstanding contributions to the direct marketing industry. Past recipients include Lester Wunderman, John Caples, Jonah Gitlitz, Robert Wientzen and Ed Burnett.

We are excited about this award for two reasons. First, we obviously think Matt is pretty smart guy and that the contributions he’s made to email have had a huge impact on the direct marketing industry. But perhaps more importantly, we believe that the DMCNY’s recognition of those contributions signals a change in how interactive marketing is viewed by traditional direct marketers. This trend actually began last year when the award was given to Rosalind Resnick, founder of NetCreations, a company that Return Path acquired in 2004. Clearly email is no longer the red-headed stepchild stuck sitting at the kiddie table. We are all grown-up and being taken seriously by traditional groups that have been advocating for the direct marketing industry for decades.

So congratulations to Matt, but also, congratulations to you! As a savvy email marketer (and you must be, to be reading this blog) your contributions to the industry have gained us all notice with the direct marketing industry’s leaders. Keep up the good work. We know Matt will.

Matt will receive his award at the club’s luncheon September 6th at the Yale Club in New York City. If you are interested in attending send an email to [email protected].

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