A New Way to "Return to Work" After a Career Break

The Return Path Return to Work program (formerly known as the ReturnShip program) is designed to increase workplace diversity by offering mid-career women and men the opportunity to jump back into the workforce after an extended hiatus and begin contributing right away. Through this 22-week paid program, individuals can update their skills and also offer tangible results for the businesses where they work. By participating in this program, participants have the chance to build credible and relevant experience and expand the talent pool for the organization.

The Return Path Return to Work program is evolving as the company has seen success with it. Return Path began the program in 2014, with just one participant. The program grew to six Returnees in early 2015, and now 22 participants worldwide at Return Path in its third iteration. These 22 individuals are working in positions across the company from marketing and sales to engineering.

Also in 2015, Return Path invited several other companies to join with them and introduce Return to Work programs at their companies. The reception we got was amazing! There are now similar Return to Work programs at these partners: SendGrid, SpotX, ReadyTalk, MWH Global, and MOZ. Including our partner organizations, there are over 40 Returnees stepping back into the workforce in 2015.

Over the next few months, we will feature the stories of some of this year’s Returnees. Please stay tuned to find out what they are doing and what the Return to Work Program means to them.

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