Data Quality

A Journey Through the State of CRM Data to Implementation

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For any organisation, data should act as a single source of truth surfaced within a CRM system for all to view, consume, and act upon. With action being the communication with customers, prospects, and the wider market, data is undeniably the bedrock for great sales and marketing relationships.

At Validity, we could write the book when it comes to talking about CRM data challenges from across the market, but sometimes the most compelling stories are actually your own. And that’s exactly what Guy Hanson will be walking through during his upcoming keynote at the Sales Innovation Virtual.

Based on first-hand experience and sporting the (digital) scars to prove it, Guy will take you on a journey from the state of CRM data, discuss what this means for organisations, and how it negatively impacts all facets of any successful business. He’ll also talk about how the complex challenge of achieving good quality data can be achieved by outlining the traits we find commonly among those further along the data quality journey.

He’ll also be covering a case study that begins in a morass of duplicates, bad addresses, and empty fields, and ends in the sunny uplands of high-performing, more profitable relationships. Attendees will come out the other side inspired to make the next step in their data quality journey with three clear takeaways:

  1. How better data builds stronger relationships;
  2. The relationship between data quality and best-in-class email deliverability; and
  3. Why maintaining good data is not just a matter of best practice, it’s the law.

But we’re not done there, and in the spirit of data quality being a shared responsibility, we’ve got a second great session hosted by our own Chris Hyde.

Through the lens of CRM end-users, Chris will discuss how the implementation of CRM systems and the processes that come along with it can be a roadblock in the pursuit of a single source of truth in your data.

This roadblock comes in the form of three inseparable principles: adoption, productivity, and data quality. All of which act as blockades to the completion of seemingly mundane tasks, such as a sales reps updating opportunities. This turns simple business processes into a chore, reducing adoption and productivity, resulting in data quality inadequate in supporting effective data-driven decisions.

Attendees will discover that there is in-fact a solution to this age-old problem, Validity’s GridBuddy Cloud. GridBuddy Cloud simplifies Salesforce usage by making the interface a more intuitive, actionable and persona-focused view. It combines data from multiple objects and multiple Salesforce orgs into one editable spreadsheet-style view, providing a workspace to manage data quickly and accurately.

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