A Conversation with Unified Inbox

We’re pleased to announce that Unified Inbox is using Context.IO, a Return Path company, to power their email integration! Today, we have a Q&A with Toby Ruckert, their CEO.

Tony BlankHello Toby and welcome! Tell us a bit about what Unified Inbox does.

Toby Ruckert: We provide a unified conversation and social collaboration platform that powers different apps & services. Our unification engine takes messages from different sources and then normalizes and synchronizes them into one unified platform.

We focus on asynchronous communication, so everything that has to do with messages that are not going back and forth in real-time (ie no chatting and talking). Examples are email, SMS, comments left online on social media and news sites and so on.

Practically speaking: instead of having to check many different mobile apps to keep up with your communication, in future you can simply go to your Unified Inbox app and immediately see what’s important for you to know, action or respond to.

BlankWhat’s your goal for Unified Inbox?

Ruckert: To be the future communication standard for asynchronous messaging and to help people with achieving better productivity and work-life balance using our software & services. This is something that we’re very passionate about. If by using Unified Inbox people can save an hour or two per day and still (or even better) stay on top of their communication, we’ve achieved something meaningful. What they do with their time is up to them, but creating apps and service that empower the user and give back control and freedom, that’s what we stand for.

By using our own product we’ve been able to recruit a globally distributed team of people who have experienced first hand the difference Unified Inbox can make in their daily workflow. Rather than managing a number of different inboxes and communication channels, they now have one app they can go to for managing those messages. And here they can respond, file or delegate, independent of the channel from which those messages came from.

BlankThere are many apps and services in the space you operate in. What is it that do you do differently and why do you think people will like it?

Ruckert: You’re right, there are indeed many apps and services that do one thing well, for instance the “deferring” of email messages or “aggregating” social media feeds. In our opinion however they simply don’t go far enough to be truly disruptive or to really empower information workers who currently have to deal with many different fragmented conversations across various, isolated communication silos.

Together with our advisors, we developed the following 5 “D’s” which we believe are the holy grail of features for future inbox management solutions:

Read the full interview on the Context.io blog here….

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