A Brand New View

By: Anita Absey
VP Sales & Marketing

I woke up today with a new way to look at the email industry, Return Path, and my role in both of them. No longer am I just focused on sales and client development – today, I add marketing to the mix. As Matt wrote yesterday, with Jennifer Wilson’s departure I become the SVP of sales and marketing, and I am more than ready to embrace the new challenges and opportunities that role brings.

I’ll be looking for ways to synergize our sales and marketing efforts – making both of them more effective. I’ll also be on a mission to expand my view of the email world under the marketing lens. I’m sure there will be lots of “ah-ha” moments as I discover what I know, what I don’t know, and all the things in between.

For my peers out there for whom this is old hat – tell me what to avoid, and maybe share a few gems. Tell me what you love about Return Path’s marketing, and what drives you crazy. I’d love to benefit from your experience and thoughts.

After 20+ years in the direct industry, a new view on things is refreshing. I look forward to taking Return Path’s combined marketing and sales initiatives to the next level, and to working with many of you out there in a new capacity.

On a personal note, as Jennifer leaves us after 6+ years to devote herself to a career as full time mom (despite our pleas!), her day to day contributions to the marketing team, creativity, guidance and counsel will be sorely missed. It is at least comforting to know she will still be a friend to all of us!

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