9 Ways to Grow Your List Using Facebook

Pretty much everyone has a Facebook page: me, you, your mom, your dentist, your favorite restaurant — even your pets! With 1.19 billion users, including 727 million daily active users, Facebook is an excellent platform to help you grow your email list. Below, find nine ways to do so!

1) Set up an email sign-up form to your Facebook page.

2) Create premium content (such as ebooks) and share excerpts of that content on Facebook. From Facebook, drive customers to a landing page where they can access the content for free once they sign up for your email. Send a follow-up email to invite people to opt-in to your email list.

3) Every so often, post links on Facebook where users can sign up for your newsletter.

4) Use Facebook promotions to offer users a great deal. To sign up to receive the promotion, give users an email sign-up form.

5) Use Constant Contact’s Simple Share feature to share email marketing content on Facebook.

6) Create a squeeze page (a page with a call to action that is also an opt-in form) that offers a promotion or giveaway. Post the squeeze page to your Facebook page’s wall or create a Facebook ad out of it. Then use Facebook’s Boost post.

7) Add social sharing buttons to your emails so readers can pass along your content in Facebook.

8) Contact Facebook followers from time-to-time asking them to join your list. Entice them to sign up by giving them a discount or special offer.

9) Host a Facebook contestsuch as a photo contest. Use a Facebook app to run your contest. To allow participation in the contest, have people sign up with their emails. Let participants know you’ll notify winners by email. Send a follow-up email to invite people to opt-in to your email list.

There are probably many more interesting ways to use Facebook to grow your email list. But, these are a good start. So, get crackin'!

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