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You’ve put a lot of effort into creating your content library.Over time, you may need to revamp it: focusing on new topics and coming up withnew material. Sometimes, however, you may need to continue creating content toimprove SEO and engage your customers, but without a desperate need for newtopics or information. In some cases, you can make your job easier byrepurposing content or giving old life to new content, engaging customers in anew and different way with content you’ve already done the research for. Hereare six content marketingtips that will helpyou work smarter, not harder.

Tip #1: Check Out Your Nurturing Campaign Emails

Is there something in your nurturing campaign emails that could beturned into a blog? Consider what information you’ve given your customers tothis point. How have you tried to pull them in? Have you offered dry facts ordiscounts alone, or have you used your emails as an opportunity to provideuseful information to your customers? Consider how you can expand on thatcontent or revamp it to turn it into a stunning blog post. This is especiallyuseful if your email had high clickthrough rates because that means yourcustomers already found the content engaging.

Tip #2: Break Down that Old White Paper

Do you have an old, evergreen white paper? Does it still providerelevant information that could be used to hook customers or help them solvetheir pain points? Break it down into smaller pieces, then use it for a digitalcampaign that will help keep customers engaged. When they know that there’s newinformation coming at any moment, they’ll be more likely to keep checking outyour social media pages or coming back to open your next email.

Tip #3: Turn Your White Paper Into an Infographic

Look through your white papers, make sure the statistics in ithave been updated recently, then take advantage of that information and turn itinto a fresh, new infographic. Your infographic can be shared on social media,included in your emails, and highlighted on your site to help bring customersin and encourage them to check out the full body of information. And here’s an additionalcontent marketing tip:Link back to the whitepaper in your infographic, and you’ll likely see a significantincrease in white paper downloads.

Tip #4: Use Survey Results for an Infographic

Have you recently conducted a customer or prospect survey? Or whatabout an employee survey? Turn those results into an infographic. This is alsoan excellent opportunity to invite customers to participate in your next surveyso that their answers will count, too!

Tip #5: Turn Blog Posts Into Videos

Video marketing has become top priority for many marketing agencies.Luckily, you have the material for some fantastic videos already in yourcontent library! Take a look at your old blog posts, then consider how you canturn them into stunning videos that will capture your customers’ interest andencourage them to share that content with a new, wider audience.

Tip #6: Check Out Popular Content

This is probably the most important content marketing tip. Ask yourself, what content onyour website drives the most traffic? What is the most likely to engage andinterest your customers? Take a look at blog content that was particularlyinteresting, then consider how you can break it up to interest readers incoming back. Break down the main points and expand on the ones that got themost questions or the most interest.

Reusing content is a savvy marketing practice that can help youmake the most out of your content production. Not only have you already donethe research, you may already know how your customers are going to respond toit, what questions they’re likely to have, and how they’ll engage with thatcontent.

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