5 Ways to Welcome Email Subscribers Into Your Program

Similar to new employees, new email subscribers need a proper introduction to your program. Throwing subscribers into the thick of the action without a proper warm-up can overwhelm and cause them to prematurely opt out. Instead of adding them into your regular program, consider a customized warm-up course to welcome new subscribers. Follow these steps:

  1. Welcome emails: The best way to welcome new subscribers into your program is with a dedicated message. This is their first experience with the email brand they signed up for and your first look into what type of subscriber you just added. Make sure you send the welcome message quickly — within 48 hours. The longer you wait, the more likely your messages will be ignored, either from lack of recognition (recipients didn’t remember signing up) or decreased relevance (they’re no longer in the same buying mind-set as they were at signup). Beyond sparking engagement, welcome messages also provide a predictive marker of long-term subscriber behavior and value. Use your new subscriber’s response (or lack thereof) to preemptively re-engage rather than waiting and waiting until it’s all too clear that they’re unresponsive.

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