5 Ways to Make Creative More Mobile Friendly

It’s no secret that mobile is everywhere. Forty-nine percent of email is now viewed on mobile devices, a trend that is only increasing. The world of email is changing, and a measure of intelligence is how we adapt to that change. Smaller screens and the need for compatibility may seem like burdens. However, as a very intelligent email intelligence company, we have compiled a list of 5 tips that can help you optimize mobile creative.

  1. Identify how your subscribers engage with email.

Before making changes to your creative templates or sending strategies, it is important to know what percentage of your subscribers view email on mobile devices and on which devices your messages are most commonly viewed. Tactics can then be implemented to ensure that creative templates render quickly and consistently across prominent mobile platforms. You can leverage a tool such as Return Path’s Email Client Monitor to better understand the profile of your subscriber base.

  1. Use a short, clear subject line.

Many subscribers only glance at the subject line when deciding whether or not to read an email on a mobile device. Some mobile inboxes cut off subject lines around 30 characters, so we recommend keeping your subject line as short as possible while frontloading it with the most important words.

  1. Create cross-channel opportunities.

Provide links in your mobile email message that direct to well-branded, mobile-friendly landing pages. Ensure that all content is designed with mobile viewing in mind. All emails and landing pages should be mobile aware for a cohesive and pleasant experience.

  1. Present relevant and engaging information.

Relevant and concise messaging is essential to a successful mobile email campaign. Many mobile users use their mobile inbox for “triage.” They delete what is not relevant to them to clear out clutter. Your email template must clearly communicate your primary, most relevant message before any secondary content.

  1. Consider the small size of a mobile screen.

Preview how your messages will display on different mobile screens through a tool such as Return Path’s Inbox Preview.  Make sure your logo is large enough to be recognizable but not so large that it overwhelms the message. To adjust to the vertical and horizontal scrolling required for mobile messages, make sure primary content is presented toward the top left side of the screen. A Creative Assessment can provide suggestions specific to your email campaign and subscriber base.

With the help of this list, we hope you can adapt to the increasingly mobile email environment as soon as possible. Return Path can help you optimize this process through a comprehensive Creative Assessment and through our various tools, such as Return Path’s Email Client Monitor and Inbox Preview. Teaming email intelligence with an intelligent approach, we can help you convert change into an opportunity for growth.

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