5 Rock-Solid Reasons to Hang On To Bad Data

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by Rozina Hussain, Product Manager

If you’re an email marketer, you probably have addresses in your list that don’t really go anywhere. In 2017’s B2B Marketing Data Report from Dun & Bradstreet, the majority of respondents had email deliverability of no better than 80%. In other words, one out of five email addresses was invalid.

While BriteVerify could help you easily remove such emails from your system, consider the many glorious benefits of keeping your email list dirty.

1 – Prove How Hard You Work

Your job is to frantically fling out emails to every address under the sun – who has time to think about whether the addresses are actually valid?

High bounce rates show your employer or client that you’ve got the gumption to keep pressing send no matter who’s on the other end – and no matter what the metrics tell you. If most of your emails aren’t bouncing, you’re probably not blasting enough addresses.

2 – Burnish Your Bad Reputation

Nobody likes a goody two-shoes. Embrace your inner email bad-boy!

A high bounce rate sends up a red flag to the email ecosystem and could hurt your deliverability. But you didn’t get into email marketing to play by their rules.

Go ahead – flaunt conventional wisdom, crank up Michael Jackson’s Bad, and send to as many invalid address as possible. There’s no greater thrill!

3 – Waste Money Like the Rebel You Are

In some cases, verification could actually pay for itself by reducing what you pay your email service provider. And who wants to be responsible for that?

You pay your ESP for every email address you keep in its system – even if some addresses aren’t actually valid. In fact, your annual “invalid premium” could be more than the cost of BriteVerify verification.

But remember: wasting money is cool. Verifying your emails is the kind of mature behavior that could get you a raise, a promotion, or worse.

4 – For Campaign Metrics, Ignorance is Bliss

When an email goes undelivered, the corresponding lack of engagement skews your open, click-through, and conversion rates. With enough bouncing addresses on your list, your view into campaign effectiveness will be murky. Great!

You could boost your metric clarity by cleaning invalid emails from your list. But then your insights might then become actionable. And taking action can be hard. Instead, take it easy on yourself and keep blasting in the dark.

5 – It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Even if you think that dumping invalid address is the logical thing to do, don’t trust your brain. Trust your heart.

As a marketer, you worked hard for every email address you got. The addresses are kind of like your children, if your children had names like “[email protected]” Letting go of a single address – even it it’s invalid – can be psychologically painful.

Instead, pause and remember all the memories that you and fuzzyfox49 have shared together. Then, when it comes time to remove that email from your list, don’t. Just hold onto it forever. You’ll feel glad you did.

. . .

Some email “experts” may tell you that this list is filled with nothing but bad advice. But since when have “experts” ever been right about the thing they specialize in? In any case, why worry about doing what’s right for the experts, or your colleagues, or your boss, or your clients, or the people who legitimately want to receive your emails?

Just do what seems right for you. Don’t think too hard about it. And whatever you do, don’t use BriteVerify to improve your e-mail deliverability. That’s just an easy, low-cost way to get your list clean. And you want to keep it dirty.



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