4 Steps to Making a Human Connection With Welcome Messages

Before discussing what recent data reveal about the dynamics of welcome messages, I thought you might need a break from endless droning about increasing this and decreasing that. How about a quick thought experiment? This might be a bit easier if your brand has brick-and-mortar locations, but anyone can play along.

Think about a recent trip to the mall. You enter through the food court, avert your eyes from the Cinnabon that mocks your attempts at healthy living, and head towards Nordstrom. Along the way you are impulsively drawn to a number of shops. Entering the Apple Store, a blue-shirted associate approaches with a boisterous, “Hi! I’m Mike! What are you looking for today?” Passing by the Abercrombie & Fitch store’s beachy, shuttered doors, a modelesque teenager folding ripped jeans calls out, “Hey! What’s going on?”

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