4 Reasons Now is the Time to Re-Assess Your Email Program

  1. With the holidays just behind us, subscribers are likely experiencing some inbox fatigue, having been inundated with DEALS! and SALES! for the last two months straight. Find that balance between quality and quantity. As many of us were reminded during the recent holidays, surrounded by a dearth of wonderful foods and treats, even the most tasty offerings eventually become excessive and undesirable. This saturation point will deter subscribers from reading your messages if they don’t differentiate themselves from the rest of the inbox landscape.
  2. This is a great time to remind subscribers that they can update the frequency and types of emails they receive. If you don’t currently offer a preference center, create one! If you do have one, revamp it! Check out Miguel Leone’s piece on the “downsubscribe”, an underutilized preference tool that allows subscribers to pause emails for a period of time. Using this approach allows senders to decrease overall list attrition as well as obtain critical data about subscribers’ interests and levels of engagement.
  3. With 2014 wrapped up, now is the time to mine the data you collected and determine what resonated with your subscribers. Which segments of your list are converting better than others? Are you collecting enough data? More importantly, are you collecting the right data to effectively target your audience? Bonnie Malone provides some great tips for acquiring this information in her blog Asking for Preferences – Yes, you can do it too!. Armed with these details, senders can create dynamic content aimed at specific subscribers, building email relationships instead of straining them with too much redundant, irrelevant content.
  4. Finally, people are in a resolution frame-of-mind and are ready commit to making some changes. Tap into this unique point in the subscriber lifecycle and target your campaigns accordingly. More than ever, subscribers are eager to find that “something” they believe will help them achieve their new goals. Tune into those existing conversations and decide where you fit. Maybe your subscribers are individuals budgeting for taxes or families planning summer vacations; maybe they are new graduates trying to create a work routine or established professionals seeking a fresh take on an old one. Whoever your audience, demonstrate that you understand what your business means to them to successfully maintain and grow these relationships throughout 2015.
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