3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Marketing

Will Smith hates robots. At least his character, Del Spooner, hated robots in the prescient 2004 movie iRobot. His antipathy was largely based on a lack of trust in the notion that the hyper intelligent machines were always right; their cold logic frustratingly timely and accurate. More than mere disdain, it seemed Spooner was afraid robots were removing humanness from humanity. This paints a somewhat bleak picture of the future. But artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to open new doors and unlock incredible potential for all walks of life. For marketers, AI will free up resources; lead to closer, more meaningful connections; and help develop a more well-rounded understanding of customers to deliver what they want, when they want it. Here now are three ways AI will impact (and improve) marketing.

Nearly every branch of marketing — be it direct, email, mobile, social, search, SEO, a combination of these or something else entirely — requires a series of actions, some of which can become mundane. For example, email marketing requires identification of a product or service to be sold, an audience of potential buyers, development of a list of those potential buyers, creative work for the body of the email, some amount of HTML and CSS coding, scheduling, and post-send analysis. Some companies are already employing AI-type principles to simplify these tasks.

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