12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Fashion Tips for Your Email

Is your email properly dressed for the holidays?

That might seem like a funny question, but just as you would be sure to wear the right type of outfit to the company holiday party or to that trendy by-invitation-only event, your email also needs to be attractively styled to generate a positive response.

This can be a challenge, as filtering and rendering concerns are heavy on the minds of email marketers. Because of this, many marketers have chosen to lean more heavily on campaigns that function well rather than focus on aesthetics. This strategy can be effective for deliverability purposes, but with increased mail volume during the holiday season, form is just as important for the marketer to leverage in order to catch the inundated subscriber’s attention. So what can you do to make sure your email is attractively dressed and ready to wow even the toughest holiday crowd?

Use an accurate mirror. Be honest with yourself by using a tool, such as Return Path’s Campaign Preview, to see exactly how each email’s design looks in various environments. Then, tweak accordingly.

Focus on your best asset. Everyone has a lot going on during the holidays. Simplify the response process for your subscribers by using a single-message approach that clearly communicates the reason (and goal) for the message.

Less is really best. Wearing too many accessories or patterns can be a distraction with any outfit. Choose minimal design elements, like a bold headline, color palette, or images to effectively grab subscriber attention, rather than overwhelm the design with multiple colors and seasonal icons.

Ask for feedback. You would ask a close friend for their opinion before you walk out the door. Why not ask subscribers what they think? A survey at the beginning of the holiday season can be a fun way to involve subscribers in your email design – and generate excitement for your upcoming campaigns.

By using key design elements and carefully editing content, you can effectively stand apart from the crowded inbox and drive both interest and response this holiday season.

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We’ve also created a quick tip sheet of the 12 steps you need to take to be more successful this holiday season.

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