Black Friday: The D-Day of New Technologies

Every day, email marketers face a battlefield called the inbox.

Their first challenge is delivering messages to the inbox and avoiding the spam folder. But to win this battle, you must be able to grab your subscribers’ attention. You have to make sure your emails are the most enticing emails out of the tens or even hundreds of emails that crowd subscribers’ inboxes every day.

During this time of “stock-burning” offers and intense competition, the battle becomes even more fierce since all the best offers focus on the most anticipated Friday of the year: Black Friday.

During this period of promotions, what we might call a technological D-Day, you won’t just be fighting against your direct competitor. You’ll be fighting every single company that is striving for your subscribers’ attention.

With that said, you need to differentiate yourself from your competition, and the use of new technology is your best ally.

Email design technology
Have you ever wondered if you could rate your own email design? What if you could predict which part of an email your users will look at first? Well, there is technology that uses data based on computational neuroscience research that enables you to do this, and it has shown 50 percent increases in conversions. So if you don’t know where to place your Call-To-Action button during Black Friday, this technology can place it for you!

Example of visual metrics by EyeQuant technology, which rates the visual content of emails.

Dynamic content
One thing about Black Friday that irritates everyone is when products run out of stock. It’s so disappointing when an offer piques your interest, you excitedly click, and then a pop-up shows you the dreaded “this product is no longer available” message. But that’s where dynamic content comes to the picture. Dynamic content is a solution that can take you beyond the abandoned cart message or triggered email. From a simple newsletter to order confirmations with offers based on the latest behavior of the user, dynamic content can promote the product that each user is most interested in, in real-time!

Example of dynamic content used by Roger Bolt, powered by Magnetic, that is based on latest user activity and enhances marketing e-mails with more relevant content.

Dynamic content can also customize your emails based on the weather, the device your user uses, and even their geographic location. This type of personalization can result in an incredible Black Friday performance!

Example of dynamic content, powered by PowerInbox, that customizes newsletters based on each user’s location and device to generate more conversions

Subject line technology
And lastly, the icing on the cake: the subject line! That’s right, there are automated solutions that can optimize your subject line and help you achieve a 400 percent increase in revenue. But this type of technology is not just limited to the subject line. Certain solutions use artificial intelligence to optimize the written copy of your email. And you can monitor how long each user spends reading your emails using the new engagement pixel in Return Path’s Email Client Monitor solution!

Example of subject line optimization using artificial intelligence, powered by Phrasee

Technology is your greatest ally during “D-Day,” and the key to harnessing its power is to test your emails and monitor their results. Black Friday is coming up fast, and companies are bombarding subscribers’ inboxes with their steals and deals. So it’s time to send subscribers your best content and blow past the competition!

Have a great Black Friday, and good luck!

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