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Next week is OMMA GLOBAL NY – the two day conference for leaders of the interactive marketing community sponsored by MediaPost. Be sure to visit the Return Path booth #202 for more information about our deliverability solutions and exclusive insider tidbits about CLUB INBOX, our upcoming online community for everyone interested in email deliverability and marketing success.

Join us for our industry expert speaking sessions, panel features, and free giveaways!

September 27th and 28th, 2010
Hilton New York

Expo Hall – Booth 202

Panel Session – Monday, Sept 27 12:15
Title: Customer Connections: Using Email + Social to Build Your Fan Base
Panel Moderator: Stephanie Miller, VP, Global Market Development, Return Path

Is your online marketing keeping up with the seismic shifts in how consumers and business professionals interact with brands, buy and communicate? It’s time to take a look at your email and social marketing strategies and build your fan base in the “New old-fashioned way” – by creating amazing subscriber experiences. We must engage online in order to build loyalty, drive revenue and generate buzz. One way to do this is to combine forces between email and social. You’ll hear from marketers who are doing it now – and pick up lots of great ideas for improving your own strategy.

Return Path Workshop Session 1 – Monday, Sept 27 11:00am
Three Essential Answers For Higher ROI Email Marketing
Speaker: Stephanie Miller, VP, Global Market Development, Return Path

Description: Email marketing is simple to do –but hard to do well. There are several key foundational elements you must get right if you want to engage subscribers and earn a response. For example, “What do you mean my email is not reaching the inbox?” This is a common question marketers ask their email broadcast vendor when they find out the reason their campaign response rates are dropping is because Yahoo! or another mailbox provider is blocking all their messages. The fact is, most delivery reports do not actually track filtering and inbox placement at the campaign level. Do you really know what happens to your messages once you hit send? Find out the essential metrics needed to optimize your email marketing results with these three excellent questions to ask your email vendor today. We’ll also make time for YOUR email marketing questions.

Return Path Workshop Session 2 – Tuesday, Sept 28 11am
Does Unclicked = Undelivered? How Engagement Metrics Will Affect Inbox Placement
Speaker: Tom Sather, Director Professional Services, Return Path

Major ISPs have been talking about using engagement as a key metric to help determine whether or not permission email gets placed in the inbox. As more and more ISPs adopt this philosophy , marketers will have to place more concentration on increasing response rates to ensure their emails get delivered to their new and existing subscribers. During this workshop, we’ll define engagement in the eyes of the ISP, examine how this changes the game for marketers, discuss key performance metrics you should consider for the new year, and identify the top 3 things you can do now to prevent a decline in your deliverability and response rates.

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