Are You Really Getting the Best Value from the Events You Attend? Part 2

In my previous post, I shared some tips on how to get the most out of attending an industry event.  In this follow up, I’d like to share some additional thoughts with you to help you take some points of inspiration with you back to the office, share valuable learnings with your colleagues, and influence change within your email program.

For you:

  • Be inspired! Carry the event excitement to the office with you. Smile! Talk to your colleagues about your experience, and share some of the highlights of the event. (I met So-and-So! Did you know XX stat? The venue was beautiful!). Be infectious. If everyone (including your boss!) knows that the event was a great use of time and resources, you are more likely to get to attend other events in the future.
  • Initiate LinkedIn connections. You just met some amazing people that have the same goals and struggles you do everyday. Don’t lose that great energy and empathy when you leave the event venue. Be proactive in initiating LinkedIn connections, and add a personalized note to your introduction that names the event and something great from your conversation with them so they are most likely to accept.
  • Make an effort to stay in touch. Once you’ve made the LinkedIn connection, set up an occasional meeting invite to check in, discuss new email learnings, and support each other. This is how you build a networkit’s the effort you make after the introduction to maintain contact.

For your email program:

  • Summarize your notes. Review all of your notes from the various sessions and roundtables you joined. Organize them in a way that is easy to reference (by topic or speaker, for example). Write them in a way that you can share with others in your team (so be mindful of shorthand!).
  • Prioritize your efforts. Pull that strengths/weaknesses list out from your pre-event planning. After reviewing your notes, align them to your areas of opportunity. Then, rank your opportunities (even top three is a great way to start), and decide which one you will focus on first.
  • Get started right away! Don’t wait until next quarter or the new fiscal year to implement changes to your program. Dedicate yourself to your priority list and tackle those program weaknesses! No matter what you change, every small difference adds up, so don’t wait to try something different. Start trying, measuring, and learning now.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and do great things with all those fabulous ideas and contacts you got from the event!

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