Are You Mobile Optimized?

How many of us feel naked if our mobile phone isn't close at hand? Have you ever forgotten your phone somewhere and felt a part of you is missing? That is how omnipresent mobile technology has become in our lives—it is an extension of ourselves. As marketers, we need to make sure we are maximizing our visibility on this platform.

 Over the past five years, adoption of mobile and email use on mobile devices has essentially doubled year over year. Currently, we see 71% of marketing emails opened on a mobile device[1]. And, as of December 2015, mobile revenue makes up 20% of all email-generated revenue.[2]  As with most things, timing and location factor into mobile opens. Email opens on smartphones happen early in the morning while tablet opens are at their highest later in the evening.

I see myself in that statistic. I check my email in bed on my smartphone in the morning. At the end of the day, I sit in front of the TV, my tablet on my lap, surfing, catching up on email, shopping, and watching TV at the same time. It’s a competition for my attention—as email marketers, you need to make sure my attention focuses on you.

Hopefully, none of this information surprises you. If it does and even if it doesn’t, mobile adoption and email usage on mobile should be statistics you are constantly monitoring, especially if you are in an industry like retail where seasonality can profoundly impact user engagement. Think last minute shopping!

First, make sure your email is mobile optimized. You need to know how your emails render on mobile devices and what specific devices your audience uses—this is key to being successful in the mobile space. We all know how frequently devices and operating systems are updated–often maddeningly so, which again points to how critical it is to continually monitor mobile statistics and adjust accordingly.

Recommendations for mobile optimization can be found in this excellent three part blog series: Optimizing Your Email Program. The last post specifically focuses on mobile optimization and gives great examples of marketers who maximize their content for mobile.

Return Path has two great tools to help you maximize your mobile presence. First, you need to understand your subscriber’s mobile adoption. Return Path’s Email Client Monitor gives helpful insight to where your subscribers read your email—by device and operating system. Once you understand this, you want to test your content often to make sure the message renders in a way that makes the subscriber engage with it and act on it. Inbox Preview allows you to see how your message renders in all mobile environments.

With these tools, you will increase your mobile readership and your brand. Your message can be maximized and you too can be as omnipresent as the smartphone itself.

[1] Marketing Week/Movable Ink (“Brands failing to optimize emails for mobile devices”)
 [2] Yesmail (“Email Marketing Compass: The Season of Mobile 2015″)

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