Are you hip to email lingo? You will be now.

Email is a learning experience. Most people who find themselves in the email industry at one point thought all email requires is to hit the “send” button, some magic happens, and that’s that.

Ah, sweet, sweet innocence. We know better now. But for those of us still growing, learning, and absorbing all things email, we’ve developed an email terms glossary. Basically, it’s a dictionary for email and it lives on our ever-evolving Knowledge Base.

Someone is asking you about SMTP and you didn’t realize they liked the Stone Temple Pilots?

It’s ok, SMTP is in the glossary.

Your boss is asking if you’re CASL compliant and you didn’t know she refers to the office as a castle?

Yes, the glossary can make sense of CASL for you.

Guy in your meeting referenced SURBLs but you only speak English?

We got you there, too.

Keep this guide in your back pocket, as we think many of these oft-seen terms are misunderstood or simply not understood at all, yet are integral for the practice of good email.

Also, let us know if you were looking for a term but just couldn’t find it. We’ll be happy to add and grow this glossary to become a truly comprehensive one-stop-shop for email newbies and vets alike.

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