A New Way to Return to Work: Spotlight on Returnee Kim Poletti

Name: Kim Polettikpoletti_hs_1002_w1024

Return Path position: Social Media/Content Marketing Coordinator

Career past life (what did you do?): I had two distinct careers–one in international affairs and one in the tech industry. I worked in Washington, DC and abroad for governmental, academic, and nonprofit organizations in both program manager and international conference coordinator roles. My second career began with a master’s degree in engineering. I managed teams of software engineers upgrading internal and external websites for IBM. Within IBM’s Global Services division, I consulted for telecommunications companies looking for business strategy solutions.

How long were you out of the workforce? 12 years

Return Path role (what do you do each day?): My role at Return Path began with writing social media copy for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and posting to these platforms daily. Using Hootsuite, I monitored and responded to social media activity including mentions, messages, and comments. I created and produced a blog series profiling the returnees in the Return to Work program, and also edited corporate blog posts and eBooks. Currently, my work centers on creating an entertaining podcast for the company to enhance brand awareness.

Crossover (what skills from your past life do you use in your new position?): My writing and editing, technological knowledge, and communication skills are all central to my role here at Return Path. My experience producing news and public affairs pieces for a local community radio station has proven useful for creating the podcast. Of course, the emotional intelligence and ability to multi-task gained from raising two children for 12 years also serves me well.

What does the Return to Work program mean to you? This program allows me to show what I am capable of and proves I did not have a lobotomy when I had children. My experience and skills are transferrable and with the work experience I’ve received from this program, I can be productive and provide value right away. I am grateful Return Path is such an innovative and progressive company and they recognize there is great talent sitting in homes all across the country, just waiting for someone to give them a chance to prove themselves (despite the gap in their resume)!

What do you hope to get out of it?: Return Path has already given me the experience of a modern, people-first, emotionally intelligent workplace. I am grateful for this! The training Return Path provides Returnees updated my software and networking skills. I will have tangible marketing pieces, like blogs and podcast episodes that I can add to my portfolio. Ultimately, I hope this leads to a permanent position either at Return Path or elsewhere.

What advice would you give to future Returnees? Avail yourself of all the help and support the Return to Work program provides. Keep a file documenting your new skills, achievements, and any non-proprietary examples of your work. Use your cohort for moral support. Throw yourself into the job and be productive right away. Take advantage of the lunch and learns and view this opportunity as a long networking event!

How did you hear about this program? A colleague I mentored years ago at IBM told me about the program.


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