A Big Round of Applause for AARP, Royall, and HealthyPaws

Over the past few weeks, Return Path presented exclusive awards to three members of our Client Spotlight Program at various industry events across the nation. The Client Spotlight Program is made of up an elite group of customer champions and we were thrilled to be able to honor them in person.

Recipient #1: AARP: SFMC World Tour, NYC accepted by Lawrence Montoya
AARP has been a Return Path customer since 2008. During this time, they have worked closely with our services team to address inbox placement rates and specifically data hygiene. Lawrence Montoya, Senior Advisor, Digital Member Services at AARP stated, “Our data hygiene practices are a direct result of the guidance and educations that Return Path has given us over the last several years.”

In addition to our Client Spotlight Program, Lawrence has participated in our annual Client Advisory Board which includes an annual meetup in Denver, Colorado.

Emily Gates, SVP, Global Client Services, presenting our award to Lawrence Montoya from AARP

Recipient #2: Royall at Email Evolution Conference in New Orleans accepted by Doug Henderson
Royall has been a very close partner of ours for over 10 years and we’ve been able to build a strong relationship during that time. Emphasizing this point, Doug Henderson, Email Strategy & Deliverability Manager at Royall & Company, stated “The entire team at Return Path are not my vendors doing good work for me. They are true extensions of my Deliverability Team doing great work with me.”

Doug Henderson and his team at Royall possess a strong knowledge of the email industry, understand the components that comprise a successful email program, and are able to articulate on the importance of data. Doug is also a member of our Client Advisory Board.

From left to right: Jim Young, Relationship Manager at Return Path, Doug Henderson from Royall, and Don Darlington, Technical Account Manager at Return Path

Recipient #3: HealthyPaws at Seattle TechTalk accepted by Cynthia Short Trumpey
HealthyPaws came to Return Path in 2016 and has been charging ahead full speed making improvements to their email program. One of the first undertakings was to tackle list hygiene by tightening their email acquisition policies to prevent the collection of unknown users and spam traps. HealthyPaws implemented Real Time Email Validation and saw an immediate impact. Cynthia Short Trumpey, Sr. Vice President at Healthy Paws states, “Real-Time Email Validation has allowed us to weed out bad emails without adding any additional steps to the user experience. Our unknown user rates have dropped from 3% to .02%.”

In addition to receiving the award, Cynthia helped lead a successful roundtable discussion around list hygiene at this interactive TechTalk.

From left to right: Tom Sather, Senior Director of Research at Return Path, Cynthia Short Trumpey from Healthy Paws, and Chace Barber, Sr. Technical Account Manager at Return Path

We appreciate our customers putting their trust in Return Path and love giving these awards as a token of our appreciation. Are you a Return Path customer interested in learning more about the Client Spotlight Program and how you can work on getting your very own award? Reach out to your account team. 

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