8 Tips to Successful Emailing

8 email tips to successful emailing

Looking to land your emails in the inbox? Here are some practical email tips to improving your email marketing and ensure that your messages not only land in the inbox, but engage your customers and drive more revenue:

  1. Email “From” name/address

    What do you do when you get those emails from [email protected]? You delete them because you know it’s a marketing email. Run small test batches changing your “from” name/address and see how your metrics are effected.

  2. Email Subject Line

    Easily the most important factor between an open and a deleted email is the subject line. But there is no silver bullet. Each company will have multiple different groups of customers that should be messaged differently. But don’t fret, because the answer is as simple as A/B testing. Clearly define a testing period and be sure to only change one factor per test. Now it’s just a matter of continues testing remembering that even the best messages get stale.

  3. Email Design

    Yes it really matters. Even the best content ever is worthless if it looks like your high school econ teacher wrote it. You should have an overall design which stays consistent to your branding. Then it’s back to testing. Bolding, capitalization, font size, font colors, images, images, images, and links can all greatly affect the message each customer walks away with.

  4. Email Content

    Your probably starting to notice a trend, but we’re back to testing. Headlines, calls to action, type, social media links, number of images, number of links, length, and placement on all these variable are all factors which should be A/B tested. Remember though, only one factor can be tested at a time to create clean data.

  5. Email Timing

    Would you rather be the first or fiftieth email a customer reads in a day? We’re not just talking about whether to send an email on Monday or Friday, but also the time off day they’re sent. An email sent at 11:30pm is likely to not be read till the next day after 30 other emails push it to the bottom of the inbox. Yes we’re back to testing.

  6. Integrate Social Media

    You’ve probably realized that your company should have a Facebook and Twitter account. So now what? Start by using email to offer exclusive content to social followers. Now message your new followers directly through social media. Congratulations, you now have a whole new channel for direct marketing to your customers.

  7. Mobile

    We’re attached to our cell phones like a Siamese twin, so how do we take advantage of this marketing channel? Ensure that your emails are responsive (re-size correctly and function properly) on a phone and the customers will take care of the rest. If you’re already integrating social into your email campaigns the transition to social apps, which live on customer’s phones is natural.

  8. Be a person

    Customers know when we’re being fake. Let your personality shine, be honest, and share your passion for your product and customers will respond. This may be simple or very difficult, but wither way don’t forget to finish with a call to action. After all we’re still in this to make money.

Have any more tips you want to share? Let us know!

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