5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Company’s Email Marketing Out of the Spam Folder

Email marketing can be a critical way for many businesses to reach out to their customer base; however, you want to make sure that you are sending out effective emails so that you do not waste time and money developing email campaigns that will end up in people’s spam folders. Yet, email providers such as Gmail are constantly tightening their software to make it more difficult for genuine marketing emails that aren’t spam to reach their clientele as more content gets filtered to spam and promotion folders. This makes it critical that you and your marketing team do everything within your power to ensure that your marketing campaigns do not meet the fate of the spam folder. Here are 5 things you can do to keep your company’s marketing emails out of the spam folder


1. Build Your Own Email List

As you send out marketing emails, one of the most important things for you to do is to build your own email list. Renting or purchasing email lists, or sharing data with business partners nets sending mass emails to unsolicited recipients, and that can result in your emails being marked as spam. This can also lead to your organization ending up on email service providers’ blacklists, causing your future emails to go directly to spam. While it will take more work to develop email lists based on past customers and individuals who have visited your website or engaged with your content offers and social media accounts, building an organic email marketing list is imperative in keeping your emails out of the spam folder.


2. Provide a Double Opt-in

Considering how crucial it is not to send unsolicited emails, in order to keep your marketing emails out of the spam filter you should also use a double opt-in to verify new subscribers as you build your email list. The double opt-in provides subscribers with a welcome email in which they must confirm their desire to join your email list. Double opt-ins ensure that subscribers on your list have a genuine interest in your content, which will help keep your engagement rates high, and it will reduce the likelihood of your content being marked as spam.


3. Regularly Clean Your Email List

It is not only important that you build your own email list, but you also need to maintain your list by cleaning it regularly. While some recipients will unsubscribe from your email list, others will simply ignore your emails once they are no longer interested. These disinterested subscribers are harmful as they will lower your engagement rate, which can eventually cause your emails to begin to go to the spam folder. Be proactive with your email marketing efforts. Have a plan in place to regularly remove non-interacting subscribers, employ email list verification services to ensure the emails in your database are deliverable, and use deduplication solutions to ensure you’re not duplicating your email marketing efforts.


4. Word Your Emails Carefully

As you begin sending out marketing emails, it is critical that you word these emails carefully as emails that contain generic, overly salesy content are likely to not make it past spam filters. It is also important that you do not send out emails just for the purpose of sending them; only send something to readers when you have something important to say. Additionally, avoid using trigger words such as promotion, free, cheap, or congratulations, as using this promotional language will get your emails flagged as spam.


5. Limit Your Use of Links and Graphics

Your emails are also more likely to end up in spam folders if they use a great deal of graphics and links. Spammers often use many links in the hopes that readers will click on one of them, as these links often contain viruses. Whenever possible, limit your emails to containing one or two links. You should also limit your use of graphics, as spam filters are often skeptical of emails that do not contain enough text. Making sure that you use a minimal number of graphics and that your emails are primarily text focused will help you keep them out of the spam folder.


Taking certain steps before sending out your marketing emails will help to boost the success of your marketing campaigns and will reduce the chances of your content ending up in people’s spam folders. You can also improve the results of all of your email marketing campaigns by verifying the email addresses in your database before you hit send. Visit the BriteVerify website to learn how and to learn about email verification options that also support email address accuracy at the point of capture.

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