5 Lessons to Create a Click Frenzy in Inboxes

Email is directly responsible for the success of Click Frenzy, Australia’s most recognized online mega-sale. Just days away, this annual event (which starts at 7pm on the November 17) relies on emails throughout the year to maintain customer relationships.

Using Return Path’s Consumer Data Network information, we’ve analyzed Click Frenzy’s 2014 email activity to gain insight into what worked and what didn’t, and help to understand what lessons Click Frenzy could apply to the 2015 event. Our next blog post will address how some of the brands that participated in the online mega-sale performed, and the key takeaways for them.

You might like to consider these insights in relation to your emails. Some may help you to prepare your upcoming End of Year email campaigns.

  1. Sign-up process. The Click Frenzy sign-up process provides a best-in-class example of how a subscription process should operate. How does your process measure up? Do you offer transparency and subscriber options around future email activity, a prominent privacy policy and double opt-in process? All of this creates trust with subscribers, setting a good base to build a relationship while helping to optimise future email deliverability.
  2. Continued engagement. Click Frenzy manages the challenges of year-round engagement for an annual event by focusing campaigns around major social events throughout the year, such as Father’s Day. These campaigns remain relevant to subscribers as they include both initial messages and follow-up reminders to act. Subscriber engagement metrics suggest this is acceptable, with no major signs of dissatisfaction around these campaigns. Do you know how to maintain engagement with your customers? Is your email messaging relevant and proactively meeting their needs?
  3. Optimize timing, subject lines, and length. Click Frenzy has an opportunity to maximize the impact of campaigns by reviewing the timing of emails, along with length and keywords of subject lines. While it may seem obvious, reviewing and understanding metrics rather than making assumptions can make a big difference to campaigns. In this case, the use of a keyword “Ends” is popular with consumers, but not for messages marked as spam by mailbox providers. When did you last review the most effective day and time to broadcast your message? What are the keywords that drive your subscribers to open your messages? Are your subject lines too long, too short, or just right?
  4. Deliverability. Some of Click Frenzy’s emails are image heavy, which may cause problems with deliverability. This may also raise legal considerations if mandatory content such as unsubscribe links and privacy policy information is truncated as a result of the excessive length of these emails. Do you know how your emails look when they hit your customer’s inbox? How about on mobile devices? Are you compliant with all the applicable laws?
  5. Preference center. Click Frenzy’s subscribers are less receptive to partner promotions. The use of stated preferences should perhaps be used more carefully to ensure that these emails do not generate negative engagement that impacts on overall program performance. Do your customers understand you may be sending them partner promotions from time to time? Is your partner’s message consistent with your brand? Do you understand sending third party messages may put you at higher risk of being marked spam by mailbox providers?

It’s obvious from the success of the Click Frenzy events and the metrics from these campaigns, that they are getting a lot right with their subscriber relationships and email activity. However we believe there are opportunities for Click Frenzy.

Next week we will be releasing an analysis of the 2015 Click Frenzy campaign including the brands participating in this event, to offer further insight into what worked, what didn’t, and lessons that can be applied to 2016.

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