3 Things I Learned at the Responsys Interact

I had the privilege of attending the Responsys Interact last week. This was the first time I was able to participate and I had a great experience. Responsys really knows how to throw a conference. First of all, it was located at the beautiful Marriot Marquis in the heart of San Francisco. Secondly, Responsys’ branding was over the top in all the right ways. Everywhere you looked, you saw Responsys’ logo. It was on the tote bags, iPad covers, paper coffee cups, monitors, walls, and even on the tabletops of the power charging stations. The sessions were filled with great motivational and subject matter expert speakers, while the evenings ended with nightly entertainment.

My main objective at the conference was to speak at the “Email is getting smarter, are you? Why email intelligence is crucial to marketing success now” presentation. Here are the 3 things I learned from the audience:

  • Not enough senders were mobile ready – Only about a fourth of the audience members were mobile ready. Mobile readiness is a great area of opportunity, especially for those in the retail industry. A recent Return Path study showed that 40% of retail subscribers viewed their email through mobile devices. Furthermore, purchases made from mobile devices had the highest Average Order Value at $97.39, compared to tablets at $96.11 and desktops/laptops at $91.86.
  • Competitive Intelligence is hot – I received a lot of feedback after my presentation from people that loved Return Path’s Inbox Insight data, which allows you to see how your email program’s performance compares to the performance of your competitors (i.e. read rate, deleted without opens, frequency, etc.). As an example, Royal Caribbean was able to increase their sending frequency by 65%, while maintaining high levels of engagement and doubling their conversion rates by using our tools and having us look at what their competition was doing.
  • No one knew about DMARC – To my surprise, not one audience member had a DMARC record published. Senders should be monitoring the rate of suspicious email messages being sent from their domain and actively stopping phishing attacks. Can phished emails impact your deliverability? Yes! We have seen our clients’ sending domains get blacklisted because the phished emails included the legitimate URLs, as well as fraudulent ones. Since they were tied together, the blacklist company blacklisted both domains. Don’t let this happen to you! Be proactive. Start with a simple DMARC record. See how our Anti-Phishing solutions can help.

A big thanks to those of you who attended my session and visited the Return Path booth. I also wanted to thank Responsys for the gift given to all the presenters. We received a personalized thank you card and a wireless speaker, which of course, had Responsys’ logo printed on it. 

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