Email Experts Series: An email industry review

We’re almost done with our 250ok Email Experts Series for the year! Our second-to-last roundtable discussion tackles the email industry as a whole. Use this review as a look into how you might need to adjust your email strategy, business strategy, marketing planning, and other 2019 initiatives to ensure your deliverability and reputation is up to par.

We posted ALL the episodes via mp3 on Soundcloud and Stitcher. Check back here in two weeks for our last video for the year.

Scroll down for important timestamps and bios of our Experts.

Total Run Time: 16 minutes

  • 00:30 – Evolution of email industry and overview of changes
  • 1:30 – Consolidation of email service provider
  • 3:13 – Mailbox provider consolidations and changes
  • 5:03 – Mailbox provider changes impact to deliverability and marketing strategy
  • 7:27 – MarTech consolidation and positioning
  • 10:20 – Common trend across industry from ESPs, data, tools, and mailbox providers
  • 12:39 – What does the future hold?

About our Experts:

Anthony Chiulli: With more than a decade of email experience, Anthony embraces educating and advising email marketers on the latest trends and insights within the email industry as director of product marketing. Before joining 250ok, Anthony served in a number of leadership roles at Salesforce.

Alexander Heinz: Alex is a Solutions Architect at 250ok with nearly a decade of experience in the industry (Adobe Campaign and Vistaprint). All of his time spent in the email world has been in roles focused on solving deliverability issues and developing tools and strategies to optimize clients inbox performance.

Sridhar Chandran: Sridhar is a self-confessed #spambuster, having spent over a decade at AOL part of the Postmaster team. He is a Solutions Architect at 250ok trying to bridge the gap between senders and receivers by building the next generation suite of products.

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