21 ways to drive engagement with your email campaigns.

21 Ways To Drive Engagement With Your Email Campaigns

Before you send, use this checklist to drive more engagement and earn more revenue from your campaigns.

  1. Run your email through a free spam testing tool to check your content. This will help you identify potential email deliverability issues before you send.
  2. Your mailing list is likely 25% mobile users or more, so optimize your email for tablets and mobile devices.
  3. Use an interesting and engaging subject line that matches your content
  4. Use header text to establish trust in the inbox snippet.
  5. Provide a link to view the email online.
  6. Use a recognizable “From” name that matches your branding.
  7. Use an optimal image to text ratio, such as 60/40 text to images.
  8. Verify that your images are working and have alt tags.
  9. Generate a plain-text version of your email.
  10. Avoid using repetitive keywords, misspelled words, or ALL CAPS. These are common spam indicators that can impact your email deliverability.
  11. Be conscious of your color choices: no bright read or excessive light text.
  12. Use 10 to 13-point font sizes.
  13. Verify that your links are working and have title attributes.
  14. Provide a clear, catchy call to action and design your content around it.
  15. Make sure to include a clear unsubscribe link for recipients.
  16. Tell customers why they received your email.
  17. Ask the recipient to add you to their address book.
  18. Encourage your readers to share your content whenever possible.
  19. Incentivize your loyal readers to share your content for something in return.
  20. Split test your emails to see which content and subject lines perform best.
  21. Clean your mailing list regular to keep your email engagement in check.

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