12 Days of Christmas: The "Silver and Gold" of Your Marketing Program

Recently, I was humming the Burl Ives holiday song, “Silver and Gold” (apparently, my early shopping has gotten me in the holiday spirit). As an email marketer, I couldn’t help but think about silver and gold as it relates to marketing: email and social. While email and social (just like silver and gold) can each sparkle in their own right, they are much more vibrant and powerful when combined. In order to take full advantage of these two powerful channels, keep these integration tips in mind:

• Include social media follow/like icons in every email: promotional, transactional, newsletters, etc.
• Strategically integrate SWYN links for specific content or offers into your email templates. Include the SWYN call to action for the content that is most likely to be shared and forward (e.g., a family and friends discount or a charity donation).
• Use email to encourage subscribers to share their product feedback and integrate these product ratings and reviews into your marketing email messages.
• Monitor social media chatter and web site activity to determine if you need to adjust your holiday email plan. There might just be a really hot product that was never included in your original promotional plan.
• Make your email more social and interactive by including animated graphics, videos, polls, and surveys.
• Send an email campaign promoting the benefits of following/liking your brand on social media. Are there holiday offers available only via Twitter or Facebook? Promote these holiday specials to your email audience.
• Promote your email program on your social media pages. Provide sign-up options if possible (e.g., emails only during the holiday season, daily vs. weekly, etc.). The more choices available to potential subscribers, the more likely you have an option that will meet their needs.
• Determine how (or if) you will integrate your Google+ business page into your holiday email marketing strategy.
• Include links to your social media properties during the unsubscribe process. While subscribers might opt out of your email program, they might still be willing to engage with your brand via social media.

By following these integration tips, you can ensure the “silver and gold” of your marketing program are working together to provide you with the brightest holiday season yet.

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We’ve also created a quick tip sheet of the 12 steps you need to take to be more successful this holiday season.

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